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What is illegal is if one is a minor/below the age of consent and there is intimacy. In most of Europe the age of consent is 16 and below 18 a minor.What the situation is in the US seems to rather depend on the laws of the State in question.I wonder if there are statistics on what age is more prevalent in teen pregnancies- I'm thinking it will be 16. My parents were crazy strict and I just did it anyways and covered it up well. Too many just lay down the law and expect it to fit their kid because it fits them as a parent.Communication is the key, and if you haven't got a good start before they're teens then you are in for a fight.

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Hmm, most of the ones I know who ended up pregnant never even asked if they could date or not- their relationship with their parents was that bad. They had boundaries that were well known but never crossed them.My parents were 100% open with me, didn't sugar coat anything they told me, and asked me if I was ready for the truth when I asked them a tough question, because that is what I received when they would answer.I know 99% (or close to it) about my son's life currently, even his personal one, all his friends names, girlfriends, ex's, etc; as much of it as I can and I don't lie to him, sugar coat, or BS him for any reason either..True, I was thinking there was an age difference of like 3 years before it was statutory rape, however after reading, that only means if you're both under 18.When the man turns 18 it is by textbook law, statutory rape for him to have sex with his girlfriend who is still 17..only one year difference. And I'm just glad the craziness is over and the topics are all getting back to normal again.

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