Abby and brittany hensel dating

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AHS’s creepy milieu was easier for everyone to get a bead on.“The moment I saw the set,” Paulson says, “these huge striped tents and a broken-down Ferris wheel on the water—I knew that from a visual standpoint this season would be unmatched.” The freak-show setting, Paulson adds, is also “more in line with my personal tastes.” Which means it’s more enjoyable.Over two decades as an actress, Paulson has proved herself to be an eager risk taker, able to inhabit characters as diverse as a devout-Christian comedian (on NBC’s Aaron Sorkin-created Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and the vindictive wife of a plantation owner (in the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave).

(Prior to that, she had only dated men.) Women, she surmises, “don’t ask me out because they don’t know what I am.

“He was like, ‘Lady, you’re doing something that no one has ever done before,’” Paulson says.

“Which was nice, but I was just so scared.” She pauses, then adds, “I am so scared.” A little fear is a good thing.

By 1989, Simpson and Brown’s relationship took a turn for the worse when Simpson was accused of spousal abuse as Brown filed for divorce in 1992.

By 1993, they attempted to reconcile but, as one friend later remarked, “They were a dramatic, fractious, mutually obsessed couple before they married, after they married, after they divorced in 1992, and after they reconciled.” On June 12, 1994, Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found stabbed to death outside Brown’s condo in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

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