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Just because I like a character does not mean I forgive all their sins or will defend them from all attack. Let's just say I live in a magical land of fantasy and adventure where ponies are evil. Gender: Female Current Major Fandoms for Reading/Writing: Agents of S. Some ships I ship in certain specific AU contexts, or in a consciously dirtybadwrong sort of way.Over time, the story will expand to be about a lot more than just one ruined Dwemer city, no matter how large.

A Skyrim fanfiction centering on the Dragonborn Kisyra and Serana, as they begin the long process of truly understanding the depths of Blackreach.Can they stop Daniel Whitehall from obtaining the Obelisk? Starcraft II: The Rise of Umoja: Written in large part because I to write a Starcraft fic, rather than because I had much of an idea. Gibbs doesn't appreciate the intrusion from this 'International Watchers Council'.I had many partial ideas, actually, but the sheer lack of response admittedly depressed me. May or may not be permanently abandoned, but for all intents and purposes has been.If we let her go, she'll stay because she knows there's nowhere to run." Warning: torture/sexual abuse/suicide attempt. That didn't work out well either, but they were introduced to a much larger galaxy. Following SHIELD's fall, Skye navigated the trust issues and desperate power grabs with Hydra while struggling with her new powers.Summary-Book IV: Years ago, the Colonials of Cyrannus met the so-called 13th tribe. Now their errors have come back and they know they are small fish in a large ocean trying to survive. Meanwhile, Ward worked to rid himself of any emotional attachments and forget the past that seemed to follow him everywhere. Boz the Buzzard hosts this pirate radio station, beaming out music to the Normandy, Fallen Serpent, Crusty Chorka and Ascendant Justice non-stop.

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