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“We are now open to all accredited colleges and universities in the United States with plans to expand internationally this year,” Hayworth said.Currently, Date My School boasts over one million users, approximately 5,300 of which are Mason students or alumni.When someone opens the app, they are met with a circle of profile pictures centered around a graphic of a bottle.The user presses on the bottle image to spin it, and whoever it lands on is immediately called through the app for a thirty-second video chat.

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The app became available to University of Michigan students in early December, but is available on other college campuses across the country and is most popular at Columbia University and New York University, where it launched in September.It enabled Columbia students across various departments to get in contact without having to close their laptops or leave the library.Within one week of the site’s launch, 5% of Columbia’s student body had registered, and administrators soon extended access to students from other Ivy League universities.“When it comes to online dating, video is better because it allows for face-to-face interaction right from the very first contact, meaning that you can assess not only physical attraction but also personality and chemistry, all from your mobile device.” Columbia University junior Chapman Hughes, the app’s campus representative at Columbia and a junior at the university, thinks the impromptu video-chatting feature is partularly well-suited to college students — especially those who are looking to enter a more serious relationship.“It’s well-suited to a college campus, especially in our day and age, because it’s so hard to find someone who’s willing to take the time to possibly be in a relationship,” Hughes said.

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