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Her focus is to help, guide, consult and support women to bring the best out of a relationship and also out of a partner.Her core strengths are to help women understand how men think and provide a step by step guide on how to change your actions towards your partner so he treats you with value and respect, loves, wants and desires you more than before.He started to value and respect her, and showed significantly more appreciation of her. When she showed Greta the ring, it inspired Greta to become a dating and relationship coach for woman. Today, Greta coaches a number of women on their relationships and connections with men.Greta consults women who are both currently in a relationship, and also women who are dating or new to dating.In her late twenties, after Greta herself had gone through periods of substantial learning and growth related to relationships and dating.She started helping some of her girl-friends with relationship issues.“People think we are manipulative and womanizing,” the 28-year-old says.

Greta specifies on very detailed strategies for how to achieve this and will help women who want her help.Here is what inspired Greta to take her dating advice to the next level: Greta had a friend whose relationship was completely broken.The guy was mean, disrespectful and was taking her for granted.Greta has learned that we often blame others for unsuccessful relationships and that we often expect other people to change.What she has discovered is that when you change your behaviour and your actions towards your partner, he changes his behaviour and his actions towards you too.

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