Gay truckers caught watersports

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I pulled out a little camp pillow and sat back down. I grabbed his neck and pulled him forward, propped a knee up on the seat and pulled his head into my breasts. I just started to doze off when the bus took a heavy dive down and then back up, practically bouncing us all out of our seats.

I handed the pillow to my ‘rican friend next to me but he protested. I put the pillow against the wall and pushed his head back into it. My boy’s hand was now against my bare belly and his had made its way inside my sweats, in fact I could tell it was right my airstrip.

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I looked at my boy next to me and he was leaning his head in the nook between the seat and the bus wall. I got out of my seat, stood up and opened the compartment that contained my bag. Eees OK.” He said, all the while flashing his golden tooth at me with every smile. Honestly, though, I felt quite comfortable and safe and that was all that mattered to me.I had already felt a twinge in my panties that I was desperately trying to rid as I took the last step up to the floor of the bus and tried desperately not to bump anyone as those ahead of me slowly caught an empty seat and stashed away their belongings in the compartment above.The lane began to clear and I started to quickly move to the back but the old man in front of me stopped short and I did as well.We watched the sun set just as the bus was hauling itself down the highway and into the rural countryside.I awoke as the bus was bumping through the night and found myself laying against his tummy.

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