Long island dating sites

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Instead of eating nachos and watching the election results at home, they sit in rows facing a table filled with robin’s-egg-blue, dark purple, bright orange and mint-green containers and other kitchen utensils.They know an Aunt Barbara show is worth their time.Her tall, bespectacled boyfriend begins striking her back and rear end with a cat-o-nine-tails dungeon whip.

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She purses her lips in the mirror, thinks of a few political jokes — — and waits for the party’s organizer to knock on the bathroom door and say it’s showtime.” In her Long Island accent, “proper” sounds more like “prawper.” She screams “Hi everyone!,” her voice shrill and Elmo-like as she moves in front of the Tupperware-filled table.Lisa Williams, the event’s organizer, stands at the front of the room and says: “Aunt Barbara is going to be coming out in a minute or two.She is the highest-grossing Tupperware consultant in the Northeast.

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