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Jerri knew it was a bad investment if she didn’t sell the leftover inventory. Jerri knew that she had to fix the problem and fast, so she began to create her own platform and sold all of her inventory within six months.“I had no choice but to continue on without her, but my heart just wasn’t into selling clothes anymore,” Jerri tells us exclusively. She discontinued ‘Haute Couture by JC’ and moved on with Snobb Queen.I then realized people were willing to pay to be on my Instagram account.” Today, the 25-year-old mother of two is still learning to manipulate her time between being a mom and a boss.“That [managing business and family life]is literally the HARDEST part of running my Snobb Queen,” she shares.

I just wish Mimi had mixed it up more instead of compiling what is basically 13 versions of the same song with different words.

The online boutique didn’t last long before her business partner decided to leave the business.

Jerri was devastated by the departure because she was stuck with what seemed like an endless amount of inventory. And it was all about numbers,” Jerri explains on her blog.

Nevertheless, I'll be importing four or five songs into my Mariah playlist and I'm sure the inevitable remixes will help polish the rest of the turds.

Here is my track by track review: Betcha Gon Know (B )The album's opening track sets the tone for the rest of the proceedings.

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