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Such Payment or Reload Instructions, upon receipt by you, shall be effected in accordance with the procedures, limits and conditions set forth herein or otherwise determined by you from time to time.

(x) "Mobile Prepaid Reload Service" or "Reload Service" means the mobile phone prepaid reload service made available by you either through the Website or mobile phone SMS instructions and short code for the reload of prepaid credit to the registered mobile phone number(s) using my Card in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

For the avoidance of doubt, a Response is a response in respect of the Payment or Reload Instructions has been received by the Bank and shall not at any time signify a response indicating that payment has been made to the relevant Payee in accordance with the Payment or Reload Instructions.

I expressly acknowledge and accept that the Services may be used for payment to any Payee (as set out in the Website), whether incurred by me or by third parties.

(xi) "Payee" means a vendor, merchant, biller, person, corporation or entity whose names are set out in the bill payment section of the Website and whose bills or Reload Service can be paid through the Services.

(xii) "Payment or Reload Instruction(s)" means the requests made and particulars given by me to you to effect payment or reloads to the relevant Payee(s) in accordance with the procedures and prompts set out in the Services under the Website.

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