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According to their complaint, the plaintiffs contacted the companies for copies of their condo disclosure documents in order to sell their properties.

The Solicitor General is responsible for all appeals in which the State is a party before the U. Supreme Court, the Alabama Supreme Court, and the U. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Alabama and January 11, 2018, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.It’s paid to the management company or third-party provider, entities that do not own the documents.” Benson believes that providing documents should be included in the management contract’s scope of services.Also, governing documents and resale information should be posted on a password-protected website for all owners, so they can be shared with prospective buyers at no cost, she said.The complaint also seeks more than million in damages, interest, and court costs. Elizabeth Al-Dajani and Karnig Kerkonian of Kerkonian Dajani LLC James Bormes and Catherine Sons of the Law Office of James X. In addition to his duties at the Fed, Strauss currently teaches at De Paul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, and at University of Chicago. Bormes PC Kasif Khowaja of The Khowaja Law Firm LLC (Representing Robert Arendt) Charles Watkins of Guin, Stokes & Evans LLC David Fish, Kimberly Hilton, and John Kunze of The Fish Law Firm PC (Representing Cecil Mathew, Nirupa Mathew, and John Murphy) Opening day of Remembering Dr.

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