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The color overlays may be used to promote light awareness; improve contrast and visibility; and introduce color matching.The clear overlay may be used with black and color markers.The Light Box can be used flat or tilted at three angles. Cool, fluorescent bulb is housed in a tough plastic body measuring 25 x 15 x 5 inches. S.-style wall plug to a plug compatible with their electrical system. Mini-Lite Box: Catalog Number: 1-08661-00 Replacement AC Adapter: Catalog Number: 1-08661-05 Click this link to purchase the Mini-Lite Box.Note: The appearance of the revised Light Box is very similar to the previous Light Box, the changes are mostly internal. The Mini-Lite Box Carrying Case is made of tough canvas-like nylon and has roomy pockets to hold overlays and other materials.

These extensively revised guides now have sections on Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), updated references to products, and increased accessibility.

These versions are now produced in large print and include a CD-ROM for speech access.

Level II of the Light Box Materials Activity Guide includes a number of Activity Sheets.

Spinner, made of clear plastic, is used with overlays to create highly contrasting, moving patterns to stimulate visual awareness and encourage attention and visually directed reaching. Plexiglas Spinner and Spinner Patterns: Catalog Number: 1-08664-00 Click this link to purchase the Plexiglas Spinner and Spinner Patterns.

Colored transparent and translucent geometric shapes in two sizes to create displays for attracting visual attention; encouraging visually directed reaching; matching by shape, size, and color; and for introducing spatial relationships. Plexiglas Blocks: Catalog Number: 1-08663-00 Click this link to purchase the Plexiglas Blocks.

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