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In celebration of recent gay marriage wins, we've gathered up some of the best same-sex wedding toppers out there.Recently there has been several big changes in the way the US handles same-sex marriage.Instead, he told me this: “The act of asking a photographer to do my wedding was in itself anxiety-provoking.I wasn’t worried about them being booked already, but rather of them not approving of my wedding at all!This is because most days, at some point, I make an idiot out of myself.At a same-gender weddings I worry quite a bit that I am going to put my foot in my mouth and say something insulting that I in no way meant insulting.You will likely never shoot a ceremony or event where you are more appreciated.

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Many same-sex weddings don’t adhere to traditional wedding outlines.And if you signed up for this, it’s like any other wedding you’ve ever done or been to. None of this changes the fact that I only have a few gay friends, most of which aren’t close friends, and all of which I haven’t been around them and their romantic partner or dating life much.So while it doesn’t bother me a bit, seeing romantic gestures between two people of the same gender is still a somewhat unfamiliar concept to me.I met these wonderful men because Jeremy’s mother placed a hefty bid on a “photography event” that I had donated to a non-profit for their annual fundraiser auction. But I certainly don’t want to.) Instead I ended up fourteen thousand feet above sea level on a beautiful September day.I had no idea what would be the outcome and I couldn’t have been more thrilled that this lovely woman won my random donation that to be honest, I got a little bullied into. I hauled up the cake and live butterflies awaiting their ceremony release who I talked to the whole 30 minute drive, telling them that all would be well and .

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