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A scream, shout, yell, shriek, hoot, holler, vociferation, outcry, bellow, or raising one's voice is a loud vocalization in which air is passed through the vocal folds with greater force than is used in regular or close-distance vocalisation.

This can be performed by any creature possessing lungs, including humans.

Pain, as any other concept, is actually an individual experience that can only be communicated as an idea and it also is to be interpreted as.

Hegel writes: “The biggest relief when having pain is to be able to scream it out […] through this expression, the pain becomes objective and this makes the connection between the subject, who is alone in pain, and the object, that is not in pain.” demonstrated that human screams exploit a unique acoustic property, roughness, that selectively activates the auditory brain as well as the amygdala, a deep brain structure involved in danger processing.

There are slight differences in meaning among them; for example, "scream" and "shriek" generally refer to a higher-pitched, sharp sound, used by some birds and other animals, and a "hoot", such as emitted by an owl, usually does not involve words.

A scream is often an instinctive or reflex action, with a strong emotional aspect, like fear, pain, surprise, joy, anger, etc.

In this case screaming is a protective weapon, as also often used by animals, who scream as an expression of power or during fights with another animals. Studies on monkeys have shown that when female monkeys scream during sex, it helps the male ejaculate.

An approximation of 86 percent of the times, where female monkeys screamed during sexual encounter, brought a 59 percent of success rate, in comparison to the 2 percent, without the female-scream.

In his book The Primal Scream, Janov claims that the cure for neurosis is to confront the patient with his suppressed pain resulting from an experienced trauma. Janov believes that it is not necessary that it heals the patient from his trauma.

Arthur Lubow has described The Scream as "an icon of modern art, a Mona Lisa for our time." In music there are long traditions of scream in rock, punk rock, heavy metal, rock and roll and emo music.

Vocalists are developing various techniques of screaming that results in different ways of screaming.

By screaming, in the opposite of calling, the voice becomes overloaded and over-amplified, and it loses its control, its fundamental sound”.

The scream is there before language and it appears where the language reaches its limits.

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