Tickle me dating

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Tickle Me is a 1965 American musical comedy film starring Elvis Presley as a champion rodeo bull-rider and bronco-buster.

When the two reach the Circle-Z, Pam is on her way to Silverado, so they follow her.Back at the ranch, people keep trying to abduct Pam to find the location of the treasure. There is a brief interlude where Western films are spoofed and parodied in a comedy sequence where Lonnie becomes the Panhandle Kid, a milk-drinking cowboy, with Pam Meritt and Stanley Potter (Mullaney) in costume as characters in the saloon.When rodeo season starts, Lonnie goes on the circuit.A fierce storm begins, so the trio spends the night in a hotel that is not as deserted as they think.It seems to be haunted, as strange things keep happening to Pam and Stanley whenever Lonnie is not around.

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