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It can be a huge blow when a trans man is called “miss” or a trans woman is addressed as “sir,” as seen in the Season 2 premiere episode of “Passing” is among the most controversial of the 10 Terrible Trans Words, in that it represents two contrary perspectives on the transgender experience.

To those whose aim is to be accepted as the gender with which they identify, “passing” is considered a worthy goal, and at the same time a very arbitrary determinant.

For those of us who are trans, perhaps you'll want to send a link to family and friends, to help them better understand you.

revealing the identity of the man it said was the inventor of the Bitcoin.

Even “Clocking” is insider lingo that got its start on the outside.

To the rest of the English-speaking universe, it is colloquially used to define the measurement of time or speed, as when a police officer says “I clocked you at 75 in a 35 mile per hour zone, ma’am.

This can trigger any reaction, from anger, to panic, to "so what?

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But for those of us in the trans world, the term “clocked” is used to reflect that someone transgender has been recognized as trans, usually when that person is trying to blend in with cisgender people, and not intending to be seen as anything other than the gender they present.

"Clocking" is typically used by presentation-focused trans men and women to explain the crushing disappointment they feel, usually when cisgender people clock them, but also when someone trans does it.

Another word is "read," as in "She read me," or "I got read as trans." It should be noted not all trans people can or want to “blend in” or "pass" (more on that word later) to avoid being “clocked,” and many make peace with their gender presentation being at odds with what society dictates a man or woman "should" look like.

All too often, trans women of color are misgendered by police or local media, who rely on legal identification and irrelevant prior arrests to report on the ongoing epidemic of murders of transgender women.

Last year, at least 21 trans women were killed as a result of transphobic violence — nearly double the number killed in 2014.

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