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And the Daily Mail has learned that earlier this week she collected the necessary forms from her local town hall in Kensington, West London, to enable her to apply for income support and housing benefit.As she has never applied for benefits before, she turned to another single mother for help in filling them out.The town is home to the University of St Andrews, the third oldest university in the English-speaking world and the oldest in Scotland..The settlement grew to the west of St Andrews cathedral with the southern side of the Scores to the north and the Kinness burn to the south.Miss Stark, who believes the cancer was partly caused by the stress of her court battles with Mr Walker over custody of their child, was also invited to Andrew’s 50th birthday party at St James’s Palace last year.Years after she and Andrew broke up she recounted how, when she was due to join the Royal Family in Scotland and missed her train, the Queen came to the phone while she was panicking at King’s Cross station and told her not to worry about being late.We are both single mothers in desperate straits – in fact Koo’s situation is far more extreme than mine.’ Miss Stark’s bankruptcy hearing has been prompted by her lengthy stay two years ago at the five-star Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge.The actress-turned-photographer moved there after becoming homeless, following a dispute with her previous landlord Earl Cadogan over who should pay to rid her Kensington mews flat of potentially deadly blue asbestos.

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The two had first gone on a blind date when he was on leave from the Royal Navy in the autumn of 1981.The civil parish has a population of 18,421 (in 2011).After the founding of a religious settlement in Muckross in around 370 AD, the name changed to Cennrígmonaid.Visitors travel to St Andrews in great numbers for several courses ranked amongst the finest in the world, as well as for the sandy beaches.The Martyrs Memorial, erected to the honour of Patrick Hamilton, George Wishart, and other martyrs of the Reformation epoch, stands at the west end of the Scores on a cliff overlooking the sea.

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